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Windows 7 Pro & Ent

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SIMPLIFY IT with Windows 7

Do you want to spend less time managing and maintaining your technology and supporting your users, so you can spend more time on strategic projects to help your business grow and compete? With the Windows™ 7 desktop operating system, you can provide an intuitive, consistent, straightforward desktop experience that can go a long way toward simplifying your IT and reducing your maintenance burden.

Reduce computer maintenance by getting everyone on the same software
Standardize and streamline.
 • Standardize on a desktop operating system designed to be reliable and responsive—and in so doing, help reduce the number of issues you need to troubleshoot, the updates you need to deploy, and other ongoing maintenance you need to take care.
 • Quickly and easily standardize your desktop software by creating and installing a single, custom image containing Windows 7 and your most important applications and settings on virtually any PC or laptop.

Save time and money with modern management tools
Empower your users and relieve your own burden.
 • Empower your users to solve problems and manage their own PC security with a powerful, built-in diagnostics and troubleshooting tool.
 • Simplify the PC management experience for your users with Windows 7 Action Center, which lets them view and manage all notifications about maintenance and security from a central, easy-to-access location.

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