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Microsoft Server Solutions

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Increase employee productivity and help protect data

In today's challenging economic climate, you need solutions to help your business stay organized and keep your critical information and systems protected. Microsoft® Windows Server® solutions can help you increase employee productivity through advanced collaboration capabilities and access to shared files from inside or outside the office. Organize your business to be more efficient and more secure; predictable and automated maintenance tasks increase efficiency, helping you avoid costly downtime or data loss. Windows Server solutions can also help you:
•         Stay connected and up-to-date while out of the office with secure access to business contacts, calendars, e-mail, files and other important desktop resources from any Internet-connected computer, virtually anywhere at any time.
•         Reduce travel costs with advanced communication and collaboration software and improve the way your team works together with collaboration-enabling capabilities that include built-in workflow functionality, easy online/offline access, and built in version control.
•         Prevent data loss with backups, scheduled to occur automatically, so your critical documents and sensitive data are secured against external threats and can be recovered in the event of a system failure.
Microsoft Windows Server products include:
•         Windows Server® 2008 R2 Foundation
•         Windows Server® 2008 R2 Standard
•         Windows® Small Business Server 2008
•         Windows® Essential Business Server 2008
•         Windows Server® 2008 R2 Enterprise
Learn more about these products and how your business can benefit from Microsoft server solutions.

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Benefits of Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 Standard



•        Provides enterprise-class security, designed to meet the needs of small business High performance suite of solutions with the latest releases of core technologies (e.g. Windows Server 2008 R2, Exchange Server 2010, SharePoint 2010, SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition for Small Business*)
•        Improved deployment, migration and management capabilities overcome adoption barriers
•        Affordable all-in-one solution

SBS 2011

How small businesses benefit from a Small Business Server

Simplified Purchase and Setup: Small businesses can identify, purchase, install, and manage multiple products or technologies together in a single-server installation and management experience.

Remote Web Access: Remote Web Access provides a single, simple, consolidated, and highly secure entry point into a small business network, including a fully-configured internal web site managed by Microsoft SharePoint® 2010 Foundation. Employees or partners can gain access to e-mail, files, or even a desktop computer through Remote Web Access.

Network-wide Protection: Delivers small businesses complete, network-wide security with leading-edge protection technologies that help guard the network and its data.

Simplified Back-up for Business Data: Small businesses can easily back-up server data to internal and/or external hard drives and optionally rotate drives to offsite storage locations. Client data residing in shared folders can also be backed up to the server, providing a centralized location to protect critical data. This simplifies the ability of businesses to secure its data and keep it safe.

Information Organization: Small businesses can reduce the amount of time they spend trying to manage, find and save business information. With Windows Small Business Server solutions, they can centrally store, organize, share and even search for their critical data.